Ano nga ba ang papel sa buhay natin ang ating mga alagang aso?

Hindi man sila tulad natin na marunong magsalita pero alam ko nakakaintindi sila.

Ako,may aso. At sa kanya ko naramdaman ang pagmamahal sa ibang lenguahe. Ang pagmamahal pala kahit walang salita mas makapangyarihan pa. Daig pa ang mga katagang ‘mahal kita’ na madalas natin naririnig. Ang aso, ihilig niya ang ulo niya sayo alam mo, ramdam mo, kahit di siya marunong magsalita, mahal ka niya…malamang higit pa sa buhay niya.

Maaring ang tao nga ang may pinakamataas na antas sa lahat ng nilalang pero minsan naiisip ko na nakakahigit pa ang aso sa atin.  Ika nga ‘action speaks louder than words’ diba? Tayong mga tao kadalasan puro words,walang action. Isa pa,masyado nating pinapakomplika sa buhay natin. Halos nilalamon tayo ng pride,competition, at materialismo. Ang aso,chill lang.

Isipin niyo mga kaibigan. Kung kaya ng mga asong mgpaka-chill, kaya din natin.  Di kailangang magpataasan ng ihi o laging maging tama.  Minsan, ang kailangan natin ay magbigay ng pagmamahal. Pamamahal na tulad ng aso ay walang hinihiging kapalit. At kasamaa ng pagmamahal na ito ay ang pakikipag-kapwa tao at pagpapakumbaba.

‘All the world needs now is love sweet love.’

Hanggang sa muli,
Bibz at Budoy,ang kanyang alagang aso



These Four Walls…(or No Boundarie)s

An inspiring video from Wong Fu Productions.  Just what I need.

No need for words.  Just watch.

I am a Block of Wood

Everyone lives in a their own magical world. I do too.  In my magical world, everything is real and everything is possible. Anything can happen and that’s because I believe in it.

But today, I realized that I have been living like a block of wood.  Plain.  Four-cornered. Dull.  Just a block of wood.

I realized that I have been pretending.

Most people look at me as someone who is “always doing the right thing.”   It’s quite a pressure because I’m not.  The person they see is someone from their own world not mine.  I was attached to that person they told me I was that I started to lose my magic.

I have asked myself several times, “Am I lonely?”  Now, I finally got a painful and honest answer.  Yes, I am.

I realized how I pushed myself too hard and began missing out on things.  I began to believe that unicorns don’t exist and lost a few fairies in the process. 😦

I’m “just” a block of wood.  Just a block of wood.  What can you do with it?

But there a thousand of things a block of wood can do.  I can do anything I want with it.  I can make it move, I can throw it in the sky, I can sit on it, I can even make it fly!  Anything is possible because it’s magic!

I’m not just a block of wood.  I am “THE”  block of wood!

I am a block of wood that can do anything.  The sky is the limit.  I put sane and mental together.  I am unconventional.  I am out of the cube.

And that’s what I choose to believe.


written on Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 5:32am

All Hail The Perfect Daughter

Hello WordPress! Nice to meet you!

I was looking for a website that can be a functional outlet to express my thoughts whenever I’m inspired or I have nothing else to do. I tried different sites already but for some reason, it just don’t fit. Well, after a friend of mine who endorsed this site from time to time to me. I finally decided to give in and try. So here I am!

You might be wondering why I named my space as “The Perfect Daughter.” Well, thinking of a name is really the hardest part in starting a blog. I know because I had several blogs and nothing worked for me. All are mediocre titles. But this time, it just came naturally. Like someone just whispered in my ear.

You see I am the only daughter and child in my family. I was raised and honed by my loving parents very well so that I won’t grow like a brat which is a good thing. But now, most of the people I know thinks that I’m the person who is always on the good side. The truth is I’m not. I live an insanely distorted world of my own. What makes me perfect is because I am imperfect. I embrace this belief because this is who I am. The perfect daughter.

And that’s how I came up with a blog name. Yey me! ^_^