All Hail The Perfect Daughter

Hello WordPress! Nice to meet you!

I was looking for a website that can be a functional outlet to express my thoughts whenever I’m inspired or I have nothing else to do. I tried different sites already but for some reason, it just don’t fit. Well, after a friend of mine who endorsed this site from time to time to me. I finally decided to give in and try. So here I am!

You might be wondering why I named my space as “The Perfect Daughter.” Well, thinking of a name is really the hardest part in starting a blog. I know because I had several blogs and nothing worked for me. All are mediocre titles. But this time, it just came naturally. Like someone just whispered in my ear.

You see I am the only daughter and child in my family. I was raised and honed by my loving parents very well so that I won’t grow like a brat which is a good thing. But now, most of the people I know thinks that I’m the person who is always on the good side. The truth is I’m not. I live an insanely distorted world of my own. What makes me perfect is because I am imperfect. I embrace this belief because this is who I am. The perfect daughter.

And that’s how I came up with a blog name.

Yey me! ^_^


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