Day 2: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and describe how they became fears.

Hello friends,

So it’s Day 2 of the 30-day Blog Challenge and it’s really a challenge because I have to type this post using a detachable keypad of my tablet.  The keys are so small! Or I just have big fingers.  LOL! ;p

Alright! So let’s start!

Fears. All of us have fears.  I believe that it comes in different intensities.  I also believe that some fears are brought upon different situations that we encounter.

I will  describe my top three fears to be situational, personal, and spiritual.

When I was in highschool, there was a subject wherein we have to dissect frogs.  Unfortunately, seeing the anatomy of the poor amphibian was  too much for me plus it moved while my classmates were poking it.  Also, the appearance of frogs really creeps me out.  I feel like when a frog stare at someone, it will suck the consciousness out of its victim and will stick out its rubberband tongue when it has succeeded.  So, yes, I am afraid of frogs.  There was one time, a bullfrog was inside our bathroom while I was showering (There is a swamp cabbage farm teeming with snakes, frogs, and God knows what else, at the back of our house.).  I was literally shaking and screaming for my life while the frog stares non-chalant.  My father have to slam the door just to get me out.  Even my dog was trying to chase down the unwanted visitor when he caught sight of what was frightening me (or he just wants to play with it.). Attaboy Budoy!

I don’t know if it’s rooted in my zodiac but one of my fears is to be unloved and unappreciated.  Of course with the awareness I gained as I mature makes it more manageable for me so I can survive in this cruel and unfair world.  I consider it as my fear because I don’t know what will be my courses of action whenever I feel that I am ignored or forgotten. I’m afraid that I might nnot handle some situations very wll and end up having negative results. 

This I have learned from my senior manager.  We should always be God-fearing.  We may think that we are so smart, so skilled, so high and mighty, etcetera but we should always remember that there is a higher power amongst us all.  This thought also helps me to be grounded.

So, that’s it! I am surprised that I wrote a lot.  Well, not a lot but longer than I expected it to be.

Alright!  Tomorrow is another day. Gotta catch up on ‘Rooftop Prince.’

Bibz 🙂


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