Sorry and I Love You (Thoughts before all All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day)

It’s the last stretch of October and we’re now entering the time of the year where we give tribute to our departed loved ones who are now with God, the Father–All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day.  For some, it’s the perfect time to relax (these two days are usually declared official holidays) , some sees this as the time to reunite with relatives, some find it as a time of peace and some might take it as a time for re-mourning.  I don’t really have a solid proof to attest to my last statement but let’s admit it some people really finds it hard to let go and move on when they lost someone so dear to them that they go back to the time of regret.

I’ve recently watch this short video clip that made me cry buckets. Actually, tears keep coming out as a write this entry.   The video is about a dumb deaf father who tried his best to be a perfect dad for her daughter.  However, the daughter couldn’t handle the peer pressure and almost killed herself on her birthday. Almost, because her father saved her by asking the doctors to “Take all his blood.”

It’s a tragic scene that showed how one person love unconditionally.  A lot of you might think that this is cliche but it made me realize how most of us are dissatisfied of the love given to us by people around us.  The scene presented a disable father with an overflowing love despite of his daughter’s ungratefulness.  When are we ever thankful?  When will we say the words ‘sorry’ or ‘I love you’ to the ones we love?  When will we set aside pride?  Will that time be when we are just talking in front of their tombstones?

It’ll be pure hypocrisy if I tell you that I’m not guilty of this.  I am.  So I want to use this entry to say ‘sorry’ and ‘I love you’ to the two people in my life I so love and forever adore.  And I want them to know while they are alive.

To my Mama and Papa, I’m sorry for being cold to both of you whenever I’m tired from work or I’m not in the mood.   I might not show it and I might not say much but no matter how many times we bicker and disagree on a lot of things all day, I will still forever love you both.  Thank you for taking care of me through good times and bad times.  Thank you for not guiding me to a good path.  Thank you for sacrificing a lot of things for me.  I know both of you were very young when you have me but you still chose to be work things (a lot of things) for me.  I know you might not see the little things I do to show you how much I love you but I do.

Let me also end this post by saying sorry to the ones I’ve hurt and I love you and thank you to the people who love me back and help me get through my everyday life.

Until my next blog entry.


Bibzy ^_^