These Four Walls…(or No Boundarie)s

An inspiring video from Wong Fu Productions.  Just what I need.

No need for words.  Just watch.


I’m One Year Old! (Late Post

Hello everyone!  I haven’t been blogging for the longest time (I don’t know why.)!  So here I am, writing a post to celebrate one of my life’s milestones.

Last January 11. 2011 marked my first year at TeleTech!  Happy Birthday to me! ^_^v

It has been a pretty awesome year to me! Of course it came with several birth pains but being with the Philippines Employee Communications team (which by the way is the best team EVER!),  I know I’m well guided with everything plus they’re all very nice, friendly,cool and funky people.

They even made me an electronic greeting card.  Take a look:

Cute isn’t it? ^_^ By the way, if you’re wondering why I’m called Skelly and the team called Skeleton Crew – well, it’s a cute joke of us while we were discussing who will be the skeletal team for the week during the holidays.  What do you think?  We make a cool dance crew right? Haha! :))

Anyway, it was a fun year to me most especially I’m with a super team! I’m very thankful to my manager, Ms. Armi for being more than a mentor to me but a sister I’ve never had; to my supervisor, Ms. Ester, whose very caring nature really melts me; to Stan, one of the coolest and easy-to-be-with person you’ll ever know; to Jerwyn, the hearthrob who never fails to surprise every one with his upper-echolin-ish statements; to Ryan, who has the cutest smiles underneath the beard; to Chester, for teaching me cool phrases (naman yaaaan..hehe); to Clarence, for being nice and always gay (it means happy LOL!);  to Michael and Maybe, for sharing his stories even though they’re miles away; to Gwenn, who taught me some beauty tips before she left; to Ms. Abbey and Zelle who will always be the gifts to me no matter how shirt we were together; and of course Dustin, for being the most cool and funny artist buddy and friend to me.   Thanks everyone!!! Woooooot~~~!!!!

Being with TeleTech made me realize a lot of possibilities I could never imagined. This 2011, I’m looking forward for another year of new challenges and fun!  Cheers to more successes and abundance!  Good luck to the Skeleton Crew (aka PEC team) and to me!

Peace out! ( ”,)v